Babins Shrestha is a graduate student (PhD candidate) in Department of Computer and Information Sciences in University of Alabama at Birmingham since Jan 2012. His advisor is Dr. Nitesh Saxena. He is also a Graduate Assistant and a member in SPIES(Security and Privacy In Emerging computing and networking Systems) lab in UAB. He is interested in Security in Computers and Networks. Currently, he is working on protecting users using the context (implicit, explicit or environmental). His work includes creating a new protocol for secure transactions using different sensors available in a phone, extracting different implicit and explicit gestures as an access control, and detecting collocation using different on board sensors available on smartphones as well as external sensors etc. He has two journal papers and five conference papers published corresponding to his work. He holds an undergraduate degree from IOE, Pulchowk Campus, Nepal.

He worked as an “Information Security Analyst (Intern)” at Digital Crimes, VISA Inc. (Austin). His manager was Jean Marie Handy. As an intern, he used his machine learning skills to cluster Phish and rank the VISA’s Most Wanted (VMW) threat actors. He also investigated on VISA’s threat actors and analyzed mailbox for phishing, vishing, SMSing, spam, and malware as an intern. He also has four years of work experience in Web Application Development using technologies like JSF and Oracle at Verisk Information Technologies (VIT), previously known as D2Hawkeye Services where he worked as “Senior Software Engineer”. Prior to that, he worked as an intern at VIT.